10 Things Never to Say to A Flight Attendant | Golden Rules Gal (As overheard by me on more flights than I can count)

Oct, 12, 2021
  1. Can you watch my baby while I take a nap?

    Travel by car or bring along your nanny. The flight attendant is there to take care of you and your safety, not to babysit.

  2. Can you lift my bag up to the overhead compartment for me?

    Check your bag if it’s too heavy.

  3. I will turn my phone off in a few minutes.

    Phones must be put on airplane mode as soon as the public announcement says to do so.

  4. Can you hold my coffee while I use the restroom?

    Flight attendants are only here to be in charge of passenger safety.

  5. Can I change my baby’s diaper on the food tray?

    Hello!  A diaper out in the open will cause pandemonium.

  6. Must you turn this plane around?

    Planes are diverted only in cases of a true emergency. You can help by staying in your seat and not causing problems.

  7. I have a connecting flight—can they hold it for me?

    If you miss your connecting flight, the airlines are there to assist you and will know if you’ve missed it.

  8. Where is my seat?

    If you are old enough to fly, then you’re old enough to read. Think A-B-C.

  9. Can I take that empty seat in first class?

    Did you pay for it? If not, then take the seat you were assigned.

  10. Can you take my trash?

    Planes and people are filled with germs. Wait for the trash removal when the gloves are on and bags are in hand.

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