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Jan, 09, 2023

Servers are brand ambassadors. They are an extension of you while you are entertaining. Think of it like this: You are the movie’s director, and they are the crew while your production is taking place. It would be silly for you to do anything other than treat them with utmost respect so they will let you shine in front of your guests. A little effort on your part will go a long way.

Here are 10 Things a Customer Should Always Say & Do:
1. “Thank you, Dan.”

Add the server’s name to personalize the experience if you see a name tag.

2. “You were a terrific server. I look forward to having you as my server again.”
3. “Thank you for refreshing my drink.”

Take the time to let them know you appreciate their attention to detail.

4. If the kitchen looks backed up and your food is not coming on time, let them know it’s not their fault.
5. Leave a personal note with your gratuity.

One sentence, and you don’t even have to put a stamp on it!

6. Be kind and courteous.

Often, things in restaurants are beyond a server’s control. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

7. Send a follow-up email to their manager—a great way to encourage a server.
8. Give a social media shout-out.

If you have a great meal and post pictures, give the restaurant and server credit where credit is due.

9. Consider giving a gift to a server.

If you are a regular, a holiday gift would be appreciated.

10. Make it worthwhile when a freebie is thrown in by increasing your gratuity.

Anything complimentary deserves extra $.

Afternoon tea at the Kempinski Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

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