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Jan, 17, 2023
An Open Letter to Prince Harry

Your Royal Highness,

I am the last person who should be lecturing you about manners, especially as your grandmother, the queen, was a role model to the world. She did it for 70 long years! With great ease and ‘seldom’ using her voice, she showed us what it was like to be humble, discreet, faithful, and Godly.

When I think of good manners, many words come to mind: respect, honesty, consideration, and gratitude. Put all these together, and you have a winning combination. A dear friend recently reminded me, “Gratitude is the gateway to happiness.” It’s also the social glue that fortifies relationships. If we can’t be thankful for what we have been given – through thick and thin – then our differences of opinion and interactions will be challenging. A quiet reflection on your life will reveal the many blessings you already have.

Room With a View

Sir, you have lived a silver-spooned life of luxury and privilege but without the responsibility. You grew up in a gilded world with a ‘glossy posse’ that was 100 times easier than what 99.9% of us are used to. Being sympathetic is hard when you live in a park-like ‘California Castle’ setting.

Those Who Forget History Are Condemned to Repeat It

Sir, what family doesn’t have issues? Yours is Royal, but when the rest of us have family matters, we try our best to work them out. We don’t write books, and we don’t air our dirty laundry for all to see. We recognize that ‘recollections may differ,’ and we try to understand the other viewpoint. When talk show hosts interview you, it astounds me to hear you proclaim you don’t want a repeat of history. Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing by using the media to make inflammatory and hypocritical remarks about your family? It’s a bridge too far.

Make Peace, Not War

Sir, you are strong. You survived boot camp, war, and the military code of honor, where the rules of engagement are clear. What became of your sense of honor? As your father has stated in the past: “Darling boy, how could you be so foolish?”

Words Matter

Sir, families come in all shapes and sizes, but we share common courtesies that we weave into our daily lives. At 40, it’s time to grow up and end your whining. What would Queen Elizabeth II have done in your position? My guess is that she would have kept calm and carried on. If you can’t be a ‘loyal royal,’ then at least stop with the broadcast news. If you disdain tabloid media, why become a part of it?

Changing Of the Guard

Sir, let your father, King Charles III, live his golden years in peace. He now carries the weight of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. In his own words, “Please, boys, don’t make a misery of my final years.” So, you find him to be flawed; what parent isn’t? As the world turns, Harry, it’s not all about you. Put yourself in the shoes of your father, the king, and your brother, the prince, and exhibit compassion and understanding.

Veni Vidi Vici

Sir, what’s next: Meghan becomes the Duke and you the Duchess? As your friend, Oprah would say, and this I know for sure: Live your life with your beautiful wife and healthy children. Be their hero, so you never have to explain or complain. Make your mother proud and do great things with your life. Lead by example without the blame game. It’s unbecoming for a born royal.

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