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May, 25, 2021

When traveling with a senior, speed is your enemy. Slow down and follow these tips:

  1. Don’t stress them out by giving too much information. Less is more if you want to prevent confusion.
  2. Create a written itinerary. Be sure to include contact information for each travel venue. Create this using a pen and paper, not a digital device.
  3. Make sure your senior informs all emergency contacts. This may include a housekeeper, dog walker, close friends, credit card companies if traveling internationally, and mail stoppage.
  4. Don’t plan too many walking activities. Older people tire easily. Don’t be alarmed if midway through the trip there’s a schedule change.
  5. Plan lots of rest periods and take along snacks. Protein bars and nuts pack easily along with water for hydration.
  6. Ensure the senior has all of his or her medication close by at all times. Not only in carry-on luggage but when touring.
  7. Don’t assume that your senior will want to do everything you want to do. Give him or her a suggested itinerary to choose an activity from.
  8. Help your elderly travel companion prepare any documents he or she will need. This may include visas or passports, etc.
  9. Check-in with the airline if a wheelchair will be needed to and from the plane. Or possibly an airport cart at the gate.
  10. Don’t forget to have your senior buy trip insurance. It’s better to be safe than sorry and plan for a disaster.
  11. Make sure your senior understands what to do at TSA checkpoints. He or she may need extra time and assistance.

Getting my dad and uncle ready for summer travel.

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