20 Reasons Why Etiquette RULES | Golden Rules Gal

Aug, 15, 2022
  1. It puts others at ease.
  2. It shows that you value and respect others even if you don’t always agree with them.
  3. Kindness touches people to their core, and that’s what will be remembered.
  4. Knowledge is power. Share yours with others!
  5. It pays to ‘act’ interested in others even if they’re boring or they repeat themselves. It will happen to all of us!
  6. Be generous with others without boasting to others about it.
  7. When you listen before interrupting, your comments will be well received.
  8. Punctuality means that you respect everyone’s time.
  9. When you hold the door open for someone, you are taking the time to be generous.
  10. When you let someone in line go in front of you, that’s a simple gesture of kindness.
  11. Honest people tell the truth, but if there is a white lie to be told, it should only be to protect the party.
  12. It means that you’re a decent person.
  13. The rules are not about you; they pertain to all of us.
  14. People in a civilized society act civilized.
  15. Etiquette is not about maximizing your convenience. All feelings count.
  16. Good behavior is always noticed and often rewarded.
  17. Nice, pleasant people finish first. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.
  18. Even though conventions are changing faster than we can keep up, there is one consensus: Being courteous is king!
  19. Tastefulness has a common denominator: pleasing.
  20. Let’s face it, it FEELS GOOD!

My aunts Melba and Mabel with their favorite server at their independent living community. This young woman is my favorite because she adores both of them and tells them often.

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