10 Ways Covid Rocked Our World Forever | Golden Rules Gal

Aug, 09, 2022
1. Handshake.

This familiar greeting between two people changed overnight. It may never again be a standardized greeting.

2. Masks.

Like them or not, they’re here to stay. If not for covid, then from getting the common cold or protecting against allergies. Silver lining to everything.

3. Disposable.

It took a while to adapt to recycling, and now we are going through paper like it’s water, and we don’t have enough of it. Between the plastic bags, wipes, and gloves in recycling bins, they are now back to being called trash. 

4. Worship.

It’s gone remote, and for many, watching a sermon in bed has gone mainstream. Printed materials have even replaced all worship materials. More to recycle.

5. Friendships.

Politics make strange bedfellows, and so does covid. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, enquiring minds want to know, but not all friendships will survive this epidemic.

6. Conversation.

I don’t remember ever talking about the flu other than when I got it—It’s time to move on from the topic. If we can’t find something to discuss other than covid, we are in trouble.

7. Retails.

Shopping habits have moved from in-person to online. Not that it wasn’t fun before to shop 24/7, but inventory in many stores is limited, so why not buy online, ship free, and return without leaving your house?

8. Health Status.

Have a COVID immunization card that can travel. It’s our new passport, and perhaps one day, it may be part of our DVL. Our health is one big QR code – don’t leave home without it.

9. Work Status.

The home office is the new office. While many businesses are back at work, the reverse commute is a new status symbol up there with Zoom and casual attire.

10. Selfie Status.

In light of everything that has happened since 2020, selfies don’t seem as important. They can be fun and have a friendly use, but in the scheme of things, how we look to others isn’t significant. I prefer the Oxford dictionary definition: “occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary.”

ER Selfie: Fifth day on Paxlovid.

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