5 Covid Home Improvement Gift Giving Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Dec, 08, 2020

Covid-19 has all given us extra time to think, clean and remodel.  Even though you may not get to see your friends re-do, you can send them a gift.  Try these on for size: 

  1. Advice:  We all have friends whose homes or tastes we love.  Advice makes a great gift, while hiring friends isn’t wise.  Advice without strings is worth its weight in gold.
  2. Gift Cards:  While it’s not very personal, if I had a gift card at a hardware store, Amazon or The Home Depot, it would have been welcomed.
  3. Time:  If you’re an architect or engineer or designer, the gift of time cannot be discounted.
  4. Avoid Gifts Of A Personal Nature.  Your home taste might not be someone else’s.
  5. Gift Basket.  Food is always great medicine for all to enjoy, especially if the remodel was the kitchen.

Before the home improvement with my niece Charlotte.

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