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Mar, 27, 2023

Money conversions abroad are vastly different from the United States. Americans are now embarking on international trips after a long hiatus. Below are some common gratuity scenarios.

1. Should I leave hotel staff tips?

Tour guides, servers, and staff say they depend on these tips even though there may not be any gratuities in that country. To be clear on’ tipping tactics,’ do your homework before going to any country for hotels, restaurants, cab drivers, etc. 

2. Tipping expectations run the gambit internationally, so it’s important to do some leg work to alleviate this part of travel stress. 

Add an app to your phone that goes the extra mile to provide you with up-to-date tipping guidelines.

3. In some countries, leaving a tip is considered unnecessary or even unacceptable. 

Gratuity customs can change due to cultural norms. The Pandemic of 2020 was anything but ordinary, and business as usual has forever been changed. But tipping globally depends on the country you’re visiting. If you need help, utilize Google or ask your hotel concierge or server. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Your server gets an unexpected ‘extra’ called gratitude.

4. Are Americans even expected to leave tips? 

If you receive good service, give a good tip. Period. When it comes to tipping, like most rules of etiquette, think of the golden rule when dining out and treat your server as you would want to be treated. The service industry worldwide has been hit hard, so be kind to your server and remember that a little extra never hurts.

5. What advice do you have for people traveling internationally?

As I said above, leaving something extra for superior service cannot hurt. Exceptions are changing even internationally and even in places without tipping traditions. Before going to any country, I consult the global tipping guide to ensure I am within guidelines.

Half dollar from my birth year.

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