5 Tips to Overcome Mask Fatigue | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 09, 2021

Anyone else having mask fatigue? As an Aquarian, I am a forward-thinking person who finds it difficult not to plan for the future. I am also over swallowing minute mask fibers and inhaling my own breath, which usually smells of coffee or mints.

Masks are now a part of routine life but add the social anxiety of having to wear them day in and day out, and it’s understandable why we’re all growing tired of the face covering. They’re not fun, but they save lives. I wear my mask because it’s required in many indoor public places and because it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s how you can to:

1. Have Extra Masks for Travel

If you don’t keep an extra one in your purse or your car, you should know better by now. I keep mine in a basket in the trunk and if you’re worried about being sanitary, put them in individual bags if they’re not pre-wrapped.

2. Change It Up

Disposable masks are exactly that and should be thrown out after a one-day use to be sanitary. If your mask is cloth, then wash, wear, and repeat.

3. Wear It Properly

Why bother wearing a mask under your nose? A mask should fit snug over the nose and mouth.

4. Mask Wardrobe

It’s official: I now have more masks than shoes. If you need a break, switch up your masks to match your style of the day.

5. Breath

Mask anxiety is real. Wearing your mask all day long isn’t easy, so it’s a good idea to give yourself a mask break from time to time and take a deep breath (or two).

With the flu season upon us, wearing a mask can only help. You are protecting yourself and your community. Be a role model and know this: even with a mask on, I’m smiling back at you. See you on the other side.

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