5 Ways to Handle Candid Covid Discussions | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 16, 2021

Relax, you’ve been vaxxed! A vaccination card is the new status symbol and the “it” topic of discussion. Like everything having to do with the Pandemic of 2020, think ‘mass messaging confusion.’ We have been living with a fear of infection for quite some time, but our coping mechanisms are only improving.

Here are some ways to navigate commonly asked questions:

1. How do I ask someone their vaccine status?

Volunteer your status first to put others at ease. Be polite, and do so without asking for proof of identification. You’re not buying alcohol.

2. Is asking someone their status breaking HIPPA laws?

HIPPA laws only apply to doctors having discussions with their patients. As Joe/Joyce citizens, you’re allowed to ask anybody their status, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer.

3. Is it OK to ask someone to verify their vaccination card

While health is a private matter, the coronavirus is a global health crisis. It’s generally a topic of conversation if they’ve been vaccinated, but never ask someone to show proof of it. Leave that to restaurants or airlines where it’s required.

4. How do I deal with vaccine misinformation?

Stick with only credible news sources such as the CDC or WHO.  Nobody wants their DNA altered by an alien or the government, but how other people behave is out of your control, so know the facts. TRUE: I had my vaccine, and there are still breakthrough cases. FALSE:  I already had COVID-19, so I don’t need to get vaccinated.

5. If the topic comes up, how can I have a political discussion about the vaccine?

Always make others feel safe and comfortable in conversation. We are all in this together, which means we need to respect choice and our first amendment freedoms.

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