5 Ways to Jump The Covid Vaccine Line | Golden Rules Gal

Apr, 06, 2021
  1. You’re a Caregiver. If you fall into this category, you’re eligible.   
  2. Slow Rollout. Distribution differs from county to county, state to state, and in a phased approach. If the government can’t get its act together, it’s not your fault. If you find a loophole, why not take it?
  3. Underlying Health Conditions. The list is long, and even though some people may fake it, isn’t it better to live with the fact that even with some cheaters, the more people who get the vaccine, the quicker we arrive at herd immunity.
  4. You’re A Smoker. The CDC considers this a high-risk medical condition, so move ahead of the line if you smoke. 
  5. Use It or Lose It. Vaccine doses from defrosted opened vials must be used or tossed within six hours. If your local clinic or pharmacy has extra doses because of cancellations or no-shows, run to the nearest location before they’re trashed.  I’d wait in line without an appointment any day of the week!  Johnson & Johnson excluded from this rule.

Twice vaxxed! Cut the line by going at the end of the day when extra doses are on hand.

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