6 Virtual Dating Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Mar, 30, 2021

Virtual dating has gone viral, especially since Covid. It’s the new normal, but it’s not normal at all. It’s one thing to have a zoom meeting, but it’s another to date on a screen. This, of course, will not be our world forever, but it is for now. If you still can’t go anywhere, watch out for these signs online so when you meet in person, you’ll be an expert at knowing when to keep your distance.

Mr./Mrs. Right Now vs. Mr./Mrs. Right:

  1. Online Stalking. Beware of your social media pages and who to share them with.
  2. Doesn’t Respect Your Space. Everyone needs space, even if you don’t see each other in person.
  3. Brings up the Past. If they bring up old girlfriends/boyfriends, it’s an easy decision to move on to the next.
  4. Quick Compliments. Beware of too many, too soon.
  5. Speaks About Your Future. A future after one online date?
  6. Over Indulging. Sloppy drinking both online or in-person is never a good sign.

Dating in the new age.

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