5 Zoom Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Mar, 28, 2022
1. What types of backgrounds should you use on a professional call?

Your house may not look like Versailles, so clean up your background to give the impression that it is. Remove any clutter, knickknacks, or personal photos. If applicable, a company banner looks professional.

2. In what types of scenarios should you have your camera on?

If your video chat is on, you’re on “candid camera.” There is a shortcut on Zoom where you can turn it off, but most meetings use cameras unless you need a break, in which case a stock photo can be used.

3. What about the mute button? When should I use it?

The mute feature is a must when an entire group is zooming due to ambient noise. Leave the mute button on until it is time for you to speak.

4. During a group call where everyone’s expected to pitch in, why is it important to give everyone opportunities to talk?

This is why there needs to be a host. It’s much harder online to read social cues, so someone has to be in charge of controlling the group. For example, if one person is talking too much, it’s up to the facilitator to move things along and take charge, not only from setting up the call but link details, soundcheck, introductions, etc.

5. In what situations is it appropriate to use the chat feature?

This is an excellent tool for public forums where hundreds if not thousands of participants can be chatting and leaving messages that don’t infringe on the presentation. But for a small group or corporate meeting, it would be rude and equivalent to gossiping behind someone’s back.

Up close and personal during my Zoom sessions.

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