13 Fun Facts About Lisa | Golden Rules Gal

Mar, 22, 2022
  1. I sang the national anthem at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on Flag Day, June 14, 1996.
  2. I had dinner with John F. Kennedy Junior at the Saks men’s store in San Francisco. It was his one-year anniversary to Carolyn Bessette.
  3. I sang the solo “When I Grow Too Old to Dream” at my high school graduation by Oscar and Hammerstein.
  4. My favorite book is Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club. I’ve read it 5 times and have seen the movie more.
  5. I taped a t.v. pilot with comedian Greg Behrendt. His infamous line from Sex and the City, “He’s just not that into you,” inspired a book of the same name. He was a writer for that particular episode.
  6. My nationality is Assyrian, but I feel that I was Chinese in another life. I love the culture, fortune and feng shui, and astrology. I’m also very superstitious.
  7. My favorite dessert is banana cream pie.
  8. After 9/11, I was determined to join the CIA to help in the fight against terrorism. I spent two hours filling out an online application only to find out that I was too old:  the maximum age to join is 35.
  9. My favorite hobby is swimming, but only when the water is 88-90 degrees.
  10. I’ve met kings and presidents, prime ministers, and an almost pope, but the one person I would love to meet is HRH Queen Elizabeth II.
  11. My mother once told me that I was always laughing as a baby. Not much has changed morning, noon, and night.
  12. I would much rather give gifts than receive. I genuinely believe in the maxim “we get when we give.” #itswaymorefun
  13. Auntie Mame with Rosalyn Russell is my favorite movie. That’s why I’ve been a gold charm bracelet collector (since I was 16) that jingles like hers.
My first charm was a gift to myself, praying hands with the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” 

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