8 Polite Ways to Decline Being a Bridesmaid | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 21, 2020

My sister, my bridesmaid, and her daughter, the mini-me flower girl. 

1. Be Kind So You Don’t Have To Rewind. Saying no is okay as long as it’s done gently and with good reason.

2. If You Know From The Get Go That You Cannot Be In The Wedding, Just Say No.  That way the bride-to-be can move on to her next ask.

3. You Have Prior Commitments The Weekend Of The Wedding.  It may be work, family obligations, or a life event, but either way you will not be able to partake in the festivities.

4. You’re Pregnant.  Your friend will understand if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the dress and don’t want to take the attention away from the bride.

5. You’re In Five Other Weddings.  The bride will understand.

6. You’re Out Of Work.

7. You Work But Don’t Make Enough.  Easily $1000 in costs associated with being a bridesmaid.

8. For Destination Weddings and the extra costs, you have an easy out.

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