Be my (Office) Valentine | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 14, 2020

From my heart to yours.

Here’s a short list of how to behave in the office on Valentines’ Day.  

1. Be Professional.  Just because it involves hearts and kisses doesn’t mean you have to be part of the equation.

2. Bring In Sweets For The Entire Office To Enjoy.  If chocolate cupcakes are your specialty, go for it.

3. Don’t Bring Personal Relationships Into The Office.  If you have a date that night, great, but someone else might be cat sitting.  Saying less is more.

4. Don’t Take The Day Too Seriously.  Think Hallmark.

5. If You Have Co-Workers That Are Female, Why Not Invite Them To A Group Lunch?  However, sending one or more of them flowers may send the wrong message.

6. Never Flirt.  This is your office not a nightclub.  Make sure that you will have a job to come back to the next day.

7. It’s Ok To “Be Red” For A Day.  Be courageous and wear red. 

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