9 Airport Lounge Etiquette Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 27, 2023
1. Arrive early enough to enjoy the perks.

Espresso, newspapers, massage?

2. Do a walkthrough upon arrival to determine your best seat. 

Larger lounges are in larger metropolitan cities.

3. Keep your eye on the time.

No one announces gates anymore.

4. Wear headphones when making calls.

Same if you’re watching a movie or listening to music.

5. Take only the space that you need.

There is such a thing as lounge rush-hour, so be mindful of your carry on.

6. Use your lounge voice.

It’s a public space.

7. Don’t hog power outlets.

Space is communal so share the wall.

8. Clean up after yourself.

Your mother doesn’t live there.

9. Park your luggage so no one trips on it.

In the corner, by a window, or in-between your legs.

Virgin Atlantic Lounge in Heathrow, London.

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