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May, 14, 2024

Love the blended words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation.’ I choose the latter. Every January since COVID, my husband and I decided to embark on a new adventure until we can’t. Last year it was Arizona, this year it’s Hawaii. It’s business as usual only on foreign land, hence the stay part of the vacation.

We have rented many vacation homes in our 22 years of marriage. Setting up shop elsewhere takes skill, but I’ve now got it down pat.  0 days away from home is long enough to want to feel comfortable in your new environment. Here’s how I do it and how you can too:

1. Prepare.


Budget and location will be the main things to consider, not to mention excursions, transportation, and other accommodations.

2. Detox.


It may not be a digital detox, but you can certainly take a vacation from your normal schedule. Just think: In a new location, you’ll have none of your home responsibilities.

3. Plan Activities.


Before you leave one home for another, make a list before you go of what you hope to accomplish.

4. Change Your Perspective. 


It won’t be business as usual even though you’ll still be working. It’s amazing what a new environment can do to the mind, body, and soul.

5. Be Different.


It’s an adventure, something you don’t do every day. Take advantage of what your new setting has to offer.

6. Go Exploring.


Explore on your vacation, at least on the weekends or when your work is done for the day.

7. Explore Me Time.


It’s a great opportunity to slip into another gear. Think discovery or wellness.  

8. Take Micro Breaks.


Depending on where you are, the time difference alone might be your saving grace. If so, take advantage of even more free time than at home.

9. Live The Golden Rule.


Always leave your rented home better than you found it.  You’d want someone to do the same for you.


Staycation Memories Arizona.

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