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Feb, 01, 2022

Has anyone else noticed that grocery markets have upped the ante on novelty items? It seems that I can’t go to a food market without buying candles, silver polish, or dish towels. Yes, inflation is on the rise but at least it’s one-stop shopping.

If you’re Covid paranoid, you can kill two birds with one stone. And if the market is a superstore, add in fresh flowers and medications.  

Here are a few of my favorite market items that I buy over and over again:
1. For the gadget guru:

A citrus juicer with lemons or limes. Cocktails and baking just got easy.

2. For the perfectionist:

Silver wipes. They come in handy to touch up a piece of silver or silver jewelry.

3. For a Martha Stewart:

Holiday-themed napkins. Every holiday from Easter to Christmas in cocktail and dinner sizes.

4. For the baker:

A preserving kit with fruit, pectin, jars, and sugar. Throw in a recipe and homemade jam here you come.

5. For the kids:

A smores kit with roasting sticks, chocolate, and marshmallows. This calls for a campfire!

6. For the chocolate lover:

Premium chocolate. It comes in every shape, form, and color. What a fun gift to give, get, and eat!

7. For the wine connoisseur:

Not only a special bottle but lovely gift bags for wrapping.

8. For the cook:

Spices. They make terrific gifts. Think cinnamon sticks for boiling when guests arrive or cinnamon for baking.

9. For the family:

Prepared foods. If someone is sick or just had a baby, you can take food that has been prepped, is ready to go, or can be put in the freezer for later use.

10. For the health-conscious:

Nuts. Protein makes a great gift, and since they come in every shape and size, who wouldn’t want a basket full of them for all to enjoy?

Grocery Market Bling where you can shop till you drop!

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