A Tale of Two Texts: How To Do It Better | Golden Rules Gal

Sep, 27, 2022

Scenario: I sent a text 10 days ago without a response.
Solution: Reply to a text promptly.

Scenario: I need to send a text, but I’m at the movies.
Solution: This is an inappropriate location to send a text. Wait until you leave the theater.

Scenario: My friend sent me a text as long as a novel.
Solution: Texts are meant to be short. If you have to print it, it’s too long.

Scenario: My friend wants to text her husband that she wants a divorce.
Solution: Any messages with emotional content should be done in person.

Scenario: I’m scared to open the text because of an attachment. I’m afraid of spam.
Solution: If you need to send an attachment, do so by email. A photo is one thing, a document is another.

Scenario: My friend always makes text typos.
Solution: In this case, that friend is me. Take the time to read your messages before you hit send.

Scenario: I accidentally sent a text to Jill when I meant John.
Solution: Double check the recipient, especially if sending anything sensitive.

Scenario: I need to let my mom know I am running late, but I am in the car.
Solution: If you don’t want to get killed or kill someone, pull over to send a text or call her.

Talia said it best!

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