Business Thank You Notes | Golden Rules Gal

Jan, 31, 2020

A business thank you note example, happy writing!

How long after a job interview should you send a thank you note? 24 hours so you are not forgotten.  Statistics show that sending a note versus not sending a note will impress said company and that you’re more likely than not – to get a job.

Should you use it to elaborate or expand on the job or interview?  A thank you letter is used to express appreciation.  It’s that hallmark moment that so many forget in this day and age.  For a job interview, it should be written on your personal stationery or letterhead.  It provides you that opportunity to get in front of your potential employer one more time.  In business, your image is always showing, so why not show it off as much as possible.

Should you send a note if you’re no longer interested in the job?  In this case, an email would suffice.  Emails get lost in the shuffle, but many employers don’t even contact a candidate unless they are interested.  I think it’s nice to go over and above the call of duty.  Spread the good karma!

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