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Jan, 23, 2023

Like Auntie Mame, why not be the life of the party in your own home? Covid has given us ample time at home to learn how to work with what we already have. We have also learned how to think out of the box and to be clever and creative. Improvement to your home or wardrobe can be fun without breaking the bank. Even small updates can make a grand improvement and give a fresh look to old treasures.

To do this, you must use the 6 R’s: refresh, recycle, reuse, redesign, reassemble, and reorganize.


Used candle holders can easily be made into anything. Put them in the freezer overnight; the candle will pop right out. Then, stick it in the dishwasher, and you’re good to go. Mine became makeup holders. Coffee mugs can also be used for pen holders or even kitchen utensils. Lastly, my needlepoint pillows needed an update, so I did it myself with scissors instead of having them re-done.


We have a house rule: If we buy something new, something gets donated. Easy to do with clothing, but not so easy with China. I have too much of everything, so I decided to give the “extras” another life. My summer melamine plates became shower trays for a tidy look. But in my guest bath, the tub got a ginger jar to hold bath bubbles.


I’ve always been a fan of wall shelves, especially for small spaces. They take up little space and give a clean look. In my powder room, I added a wooden shelf for perfume and décor. I also added a shelf to my laundry room, so my counters are free to fold clothes. Lastly, my reading room has a corner shelf for my phone and my spiritual reading.


Embellishments are fun for clothes and the home. My boring fabric lampshades got a makeover with feathers. Yes, I glued them on myself.


My office is tiny, so I use my wall space to assemble many things. My lucite shelving (my favorite because it’s light and clean) is hung with heavy magnets. Magnets are terrific space savers and organizers. Lastly, my office mirrors double as pen holders, and my cabinets hold my phone cords.


Digital everything is my motto. With too much paper in my house, I decided it was high time to digitize my albums going back 40 years. It took time and patience, but now it’s done, tidy, and on the cloud should there be a fire. I also purchased a “she shed’ and organized all of my décors by holiday. I prefer label machines, but my husband loves a thick sharpie! Lastly, do you have a pile of your own business cards? I kept one from every job and turned them into wall art. Great memories!

My favorite Birdie slippers. I’ve had them for years and simply updated them with stick-on evil eye patches.

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