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Feb, 21, 2022
Do you need to buy a gift for a destination wedding?

Green (aka money) goes with everything, even destination weddings. Although destination weddings can be pricey, a gift is still in order if you attend.

Do the same rules of thumb for spending apply?

Far-flung wedding destinations are romantic, and a thoughtful bride and groom will request that guests not bring gifts. Exception: They are paying for your expenses. Many factors come into play, such as how well you know the couple or quite simply what you can afford. Tradition is important, but a destination wedding is anything but traditional.

Examples of lower-cost gifts?

If the wedding is expensive (airfare, hotel, etc.), why not opt for a lower-cost gift? Always start with the gift registry on the smaller end; dinner at their favorite spot when they return home; give the gift of an experience such as a couples massage; antique gifts are unique and one of a kind (bar ware, sterling spoons, etc.); embroidered tip towels or linens, or personalized couple stationery (perfect for thank you notes).

What are some unique gifts?

My favorite way to “gift” is always to purchase something that I’d want for myself. For example, matching monogrammed his/her passport covers; a gift they can use at the wedding location, such as his/her monogrammed robes, or my two favorite gifts to give: an etched silver tray of the bride and groom’s wedding invitation, or the same on an enamel box.

At the end of the day, the gift you choose should come from your heart. When it comes from that place, it will be well received.

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