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Feb, 14, 2022

Mi casa es su casa. In 1941, Dorothy Draper wrote Entertaining is Fun, and she was right. Nothing is difficult when you’re organized. While entertaining, the more you plan and pre-plan, the more fabulous your party will be.

Lisa’s Golden Rules:
  • Everyone is food-centric these days, so it’s not a bad idea to send an email asking if there are any foods your guests don’t eat. I normally leave it up to the guests, but make sure to play it safe if you don’t want to kill anyone over a peanut or fish allergy.
  • It’s your duty to show guests where to hang their hats, use the bathroom, and get a drink.
  • Meals that are prepared ahead of time means you can spend more time with your guest. So plan, cook ahead, and enjoy yourself.
  • When I first began entertaining as a married woman, I never wanted to accept help in the kitchen. But, boy, have I changed. If someone offers, just say yes.
  • Your role as a host is to take care of your guests. They come first, so make sure all their needs are attended to before you sit down.
  • Covid is still not a thing of the past, so offer sanitization stations and make sure everyone feels comfortable.
  • Chances are you will be having small parties versus large gatherings, which makes life a lot easier. In the end, the motto is “My house is your house,” at least for the duration of the party.

Kicking up my heels before party time!


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