Golden Rules When Traveling Abroad | Golden Rules Gal

Sep, 28, 2021
  1. Safety

    Don’t stick out. Leave your family heirlooms and designer luggage at home, or you’ll be a victim.

  2. Packing

    Less is more, so you always have room to bring back gifts from your travels.

  3. Selfies

    Be mindful of snapping shots in museums or sacred places where it’s not allowed.

  4. Read

    Learn as much as you can about the country you will be visiting.

  5. Language

    Always learn the language of the land, even if it’s only hello, goodbye, or how do I get to the train station?

  6. Dress Appropriately

    Every country is different when it comes to the dress code. Learn them.

  7. Mind Your Manners

    While on tour, at restaurants, public transportation, and hotels.

  8. Visitor

    Remember that you’re just a visitor, so keep your manners in check wherever you go so you’ll be welcomed back.

  9. Gratuity

    Know the tipping rules by country; some may be included in the check.

  10. Politics

    Every country has them, so respect them, keep them to yourself, and leave your opinions at home.

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