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May, 10, 2022

The ‘tipping point’ happened in 2020. In normal times, gratuity depends on the quality and frequency of service. As servers are paid a low base pay, a little extra can make a big difference in the time of Covid. The amount all depends on the type of service, but one thing experts all agree on is when in doubt, give, and make sure to have cash on you.

Gratuity Guidelines: Then vs. Now
Bellhop/Luggage Porter

$2-3 a bag (then $1-3). At a luxury hotel, it would be closer to $5.


This is your best friend away from home, so don’t skimp on tipping especially if it’s hard to get dinner reservations or theater tickets. $10 -20 (then $5-20). It’s important to give cash in a sealed envelope to the concierge. Never hand the green stuff over without one. If you can, give a tip in person vs. leaving the envelope at the concierge desk.


$2-3 (then $1-2) but only if he hails you a cab. Opening the door for you is his job. 

Food Delivery

If you get it, you give it. Even if you order a burrito, it requires a tip because it’s a delivery, and therefore a service has been performed. The norm is 10% of the delivery bill, but I’d consider upping it.


Depending on your hotel and the mess you’ve created, $3-5 (then $1-3) a night. Suppose you ask for extra services such as toothpaste, tip when they complete the service. Also, always tip staff per day versus at the end of your stay. That way, the housekeeper who cleaned your room will get the tip. 

Room Service

I’ve never met a hotel that didn’t include a hefty service charge, but if you feel generous, please, open your wallet.


$2-5 (then $2-3) depending on the quality of the hotel.

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