10 Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Properly Groomed | Golden Rules Gal

May, 17, 2022
1. Diet and Exercise.

Follow a clean diet and get regular exercise for the health of it!

2. Dress To Impress.

There doesn’t have to be a designer label on the tag to look well-groomed.

3. Hair.

Keep it clean and use a brush every once in a while.

4. Maintain Your Style.

Whatever your style is, make sure you are always well groomed.  Think hair, dress, and overall coordination.

5. Makeup.

Make it minimal, invest in a magnifying mirror, and have your signature lipstick on hand.

6. Nails.

Keep them short and well-manicured. 

7. Shoes.

Keep them well polished.

8. Skin.

If you want good skin, then take care of it—water, vegetables, and sunscreen all help.

9. Smell Nice.

Many people are allergic to fragrances, but you can still smell fresh and clean as in being regularly bathed.

10. Teeth.

Get regular dental check-ups, and don’t forget to floss.

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