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Dec, 19, 2022

We’ve been out of practice for quite some time, but now is the time to get out your party shoes. Even if it’s via Zoom, learn how to ask questions to engage with other people. You only have one chance at a good first impression, so break the ice, make a connection, and have a wonderful conversation before things get awkward.

Here are a few questions that will let the conversation flow:

1. I’ll tell you the worst gift I ever received if you tell me yours?

You will be laughing so hard you may miss your next party. Put on your thinking cap; it might’ve been quite a few years since you received that gift. P.S. – Mine was a rock polishing kit!

2. What is your warmest holiday memory?

I have so many, but this one warms my heart: Opening gifts on Christmas Eve, then going to midnight mass singing carols.

3. Have you ever re-gifted to someone and admitted it?

I have, but only to good friends who I know will like the gift and be happy to receive it. Do you know how many $100 candles I receive that I cannot use?

4. What winter holidays do you celebrate?

Not everyone puts up a Christmas tree or a Menorah. In this day and age, when we go above and beyond politically correct, your question might be very appreciated.

5. Are you secretly hoping to receive a certain gift this year?
6. What is your favorite winter indoor activity?

Mine is watching heartwarming films and falling asleep on the couch with a roaring fire.

7. Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament from your childhood?

You bet. Mine still hangs from my tree. It’s a sterling silver bell with my name engraved on it that I received from my Aunt Hannah when I was five years old.

8. What happens when people say “Merry Christmas,” and you’re Jewish?

I follow a very simple rule. If someone says “Merry Christmas,” I say it back. When they say “Happy Holidays,” I say that back. When they say “Happy Hanukkah” and you’re Christian, respond with, “Have a wonderful holiday season.”

9. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

Growing up, we always watched It’s A Wonderful Life, but I am hooked on a Hallmark film called A Season for Miracles. It takes place in the Town of Bethlehem. Need I say more?

10. Do you have an embarrassing family member?

Not embarrassing, but an Uncle who told the same story repeatedly. My mother always sat him next to someone “new” at the table so we could take a breather.

My homemade Christmas card. A sense of humor never hurts.

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