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Dec, 26, 2022

The Pandemic of 2020 was a game changer in more ways than one. Overnight, we went from using cash to credit because of germs. Even when I want to pay cash I can’t because policies have changed. Here are four questions that might help you deal with credit versus cash.

1. If a service has been performed, how do I show my appreciation?

If you get, then give. There is no difference in tipping a Starbucks Barista $6 on a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte than there is tipping on a $20 Martini.

2. How much do I tip?

The amount of gratuity depends on the quantity and frequency of service. If you’re being served daily, you’re going to give. With home delivery as a new normal, it’s appropriate to tip food delivery drivers, personal grocers, take-out orders for pizza, etc.

3. Should I tip for a cup of coffee?

Baristas and other hourly paid staff are paid minimum wage. As such, many rely on gratuities. If you can afford to “drink out,” you can tip. If not, stay home and make your coffee.

4. What if I never carry cash?

E-commerce is here to stay. I’ll be the first to admit that I use Apple Pay much more than I use cash. This is when the new rules of etiquette come into play. So once or twice a week, before I head to the coffee shop, I try to pull out cash to compensate for the shortfall. Then I’ll throw in $5 or $10 to the tip jar, which is pooled.

Overall, here are the general guidelines:

With Covid, everyone got a raise to make up for service workers on the front lines. But we have also moved to buying everything online, and with good reason. Cash is the most valuable commodity, but giving a virtual tip is still a tip. Show your generosity if a service is being offered even during inflationary times.

The Multipurpose Martini Glass. Always show gratitude to your bartenders, servers, and baristas.

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