How Air Travel Has Changed Since Covid-19 | Golden Rules Gal

Apr, 27, 2021

In sickness and in health, we all take to the airways, but with Covid-19, the rules above the clouds have changed. The year the earth stood still, a face mask became the new wardrobe staple, and soon we may need ‘proof of’ vaccination stamps in our passport.

Here Are 10 Ways Travel Has Changed Since 2020:

  1. Preparation. Your carry-on now includes wipes, masks, and gloves.
  2. Clothing. Layered clothing can protect you from airplane germs, but a coat can also double as a chair cover or a gaiter tray table protector.
  3. Seat Assignments. Don’t be surprised if they change multiple times due to social distancing. You may even get an upgrade.
  4. On-Board Entertainment. If you prefer a touch-less experience, bring your device to watch movies or listen to music.
  5. Food & Beverage. To avoid the restroom, avoid eating or drinking for the duration of domestic flights.
  6. Don’t Engage in Air Rage. If you have an issue with someone on board who is not wearing a mask, take it up with a flight attendant, not the passenger.
  7. Airport Traffic. What’s a crowd? With a record low of flying passengers, you might just enjoy your time at the airport without long queues.
  8. Touchless Technology. Hooray for this! From kiosks to digital health screenings, the pandemic has made germophobes out of many of us.
  9. Supply & Demand. Fewer flights could mean more expensive plane tickets.
  10. Patience. Travel in a post-Covid-19 world requires an extra dose of patience. Never leave home without it. 

It’s easy to feel safe when you’re the only passenger.

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