Maid of Honor & Best Man Responsibilities | Golden Rules Gal

Jun, 19, 2022

Here’s a shortlist of what they need to know:

Top 10 Maid of Honor Responsibilities
  1. Serve as the bride’s point of contact.
  2. Go wedding dress shopping and bridesmaids dress shopping too.
  3. Plan the bridal shower.
  4. Coordinate the bride’s gifts from the bridesmaids.
  5. Interface with the bridesmaids’ and the bride’s family if asked.
  6. Plan the bachelorette party.
  7. On the day of, provide light snacks and beverages.
  8. Prepare a wedding survival kit filled with mini emergency items such as band-aids, pain reliever, hairpins, etc.
  9. Assist the bride with her wedding gown during the ceremony.
  10. Give a toast at the reception.
Top 10 Best Man Responsibilities
  1. Serve as the groom’s point of contact.
  2. Help the groom and groomsmen get fitted.
  3. Make sure the groom and groomsmen get to the church on time.
  4. Plan the bachelor party.
  5. Coordinate the groomsmen’s gifts to the groom.
  6. Hold on to the wedding rings.
  7. Witness the marriage license signing.
  8. Offer the first toast at the reception.
  9. Decorate the getaway car.
  10. Coordinate the return of all the rental clothing.

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