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Apr, 27, 2020

Taking one’s time at the grocery market is a thing of the past.  The new motto is to ‘get in and get out’ with as little contact as possible.

So how to shop while avoiding people?  It’s not so easy when the isles are narrow and the store is packed.  Here are a few tips to help out:

  1. Come Prepared. Your mask should be over your face before you enter the market.  
  2. Disinfect The Cart. If a store is out of wipes, bring your own or wear gloves while you shop.  
  3. Hide Your Phone. Never leave your iPhone in the shopping cart.  It carries more germs than a toilet seat.  Keep it elsewhere and disinfect it when you get in the car.
  4. Limit Store Time.  Have your list ready, and divide and conquer then get out. If you can, order deli items ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line.
  5. Yield To Other Shoppers. Be a courteous shopper. If someone is coming towards you in an aisle, move out of the way to let them pass.  
  6. Shop Less, Buy More. Going to the store on a daily basis isn’t safe, so stock up once a week if possible, or order for online delivery to fill in.  
  7. Avoid Being A Hoarder. Buy only what you need for a week or so which includes toilet paper and other household items.
  8. Keep a Safe Distance. Tape on the floor helps, but don’t get out of line or out of shape is someone calls out for you standing to close.
  9. Don’t Bring Your Own Bags. Many states have banned reusable bags due to the germ factor. So save yourself and the management sometime from stopping you when you enter the store. Grocery store employees are on the front line of Covid-19, so less is more when it comes to germs.

Grocery Market Guidelines

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