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Jun, 01, 2020

Pomp And Unusual Circumstance

Two months ago your future was bright. Graduation and a career were on the horizon.  Now the path you forge will look different.  Since March, you’ve had ample practice in patience, flexibility and learning to adapt.  Now comes the hard part:  what is next?

Remote Graduation

It’s a year that you will never forget, and you should party like it’s 2020 because you’ve earned it.  But there’s nothing amusing about the Corona Coaster.   We’ve been on a virtual ride to nowhere that is casting shadows on many American traditions.  Graduation is a rite of passage, but passing go will look different this year.  This new phase in life may not have the clarity you hoped for, but we are all having to figure things out as we go.  Don’t look for happiness; create your own!

10 Tips To Make The Best Of Things In An Uncertain New World:  Enjoy The Ride!

If I only knew this…then.

  1. Baby Steps.  You might have to take steps backwards before moving forward.
  2. Life is a journey.  But just think of the places you’ll go?
  3. The Four P’s:  Be positive, productive, proactive and always principled.
  4. Think On The Bright Side:  There’s always money to be made, so start with the world wide web.  Working from home may be the norm for the foreseeable future.
  5. Connectivity.  You have a degree, so start your professional connections.  LinkedIn is a great place to get started on networking.
  6. Be Open To Anything.  Even if you find work outside of your field, there’s always something to be gained from learning a new skill.
  7. Network.  What a wonderful opportunity to make connections, which could help in your career path.
  8. Mistakes.  They’ll be plenty.  Learn from them; just don’t make the same one twice.
  9. First Impression.  You only have one shot at it even online, so make sure you show professional polish.
  10. Be Humble.  There’s no shame in asking for help.  That shows strength!

Graduation Day the old-fashioned way.  University of the Pacific, 1984

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