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May, 25, 2020

A Whole New World

Our lives have been impacted in ways we never thought possible.  Mother Nature was not kidding when she sent everyone to their rooms and said, “Don’t come out until I tell you to come out.”  For 10 straight weeks we have done just that.  Until we have a vaccine, our only tool is good behavior.  Many of the rules we were asked to follow make sense and we should keep them up.  Practice makes perfect, and we’ve all had plenty of time to do just that.  

Here Are My Don’t Forgets:

  • DON’T ever give up.  A pandemic is serious business, but we’re all in this together.
  • DON’T forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  • DON’T skip the flu shot. 
  • DON’T go to work sick.  Ever!
  • DON’T ever get rid of your disinfectant wipes.  Their use is multi-purpose.
  • DON’T engage with others who are not following the rules. 
  • DON’T leave the house if you’re sick.
  • DON’T share bath towels.
  • DON’T waste precious time.  Use this opportunity to clean up your life.
  • DON’T judge others for their pandemic behavior.  Many people are at high risk. 
  • DON’T think young people aren’t at risk.  Too many unknowns remain.
  • DON’T jeopardize other family members if you suspect you have the virus. 
  • DON’T share flatware, glasses, or communal dishes.
  • DON’T visit the senior in your life.  They are at high risk.
  • DON’T ignore the face covering rule:  wear one!
  • DON’T travel if at all possible.
  • DON’T ignore the six feet rule.  Distance is your friend, not your enemy.
  • DON’T touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or face.
  • DON’T open packages indoors. Fresh air is a better option with time lapsed in-between.
  • DON’T put your shoes on surfaces where the virus can sustain itself.
  • DON’T have play dates for your kids just because they’re not in school. 
  • DON’T  shake hands, kiss, or hug.  Germ-free gestures are here to stay.
  • DON’T mask shame.  Stay in your own lane.

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