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Oct, 31, 2022

Who hasn’t been guilty of failing to RSVP? If you’re one of those people, think twice, even when it comes to regrets. Like I’ve said 100 times before, a “no” response is just as important as a “yes” response.

Always RSVP and ask yourself the following.

Have I ever met a friend or family member who didn’t complain about a guest being late or not sending their RSVP? It’s more common than you think, but like writing a thank you note, it only takes a few minutes of your time. If it’s an evite, a few seconds won’t kill you. The next time you receive an invitation, remember to let your host know if you can attend.  

Make The Host’s Day.

Just as it is polite to thank people for gifts and other acts of kindness, it’s polite to acknowledge an invitation. Instead of making your host agonize over how much food and drink to buy, why not be the guest who amazes the host by giving them the courtesy of a lightning response?

Be Prompt with Your Response.

Don’t wait to respond to an invitation if you know the answer is yes. But if you’re responding because you’re not sure, it will come across as rude to your host.

Give Your Guests a Friendly Out.

Hosts, if you don’t hear from your guests and the date of the event is fast approaching, pick up the phone and say, “I hope you and your husband can make our party.”  There’s no need to lay blame, as there could be a thousand reasons people haven’t responded.

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