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Nov, 07, 2022

Presence is the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, or self-assurance, especially before an audience. People form 90% of their opinion of us in the first 90 seconds, which is an excellent example of how powerful first impressions can be.

How many people do you know who impress us with their clothes but fail to impress us in other ways? Being dressed for success is great but not enough in the competitive times we live in. Body language is the way you stand, the way you dress, and the way you present yourself. Believe it or not, 60-70% of what we communicate has nothing to do with words.  

We communicate by how we sit, stand, tense our facial muscles, tap our fingers, shuffle our feet and uncross or cross our legs. Without saying a word, our body language broadcasts plenty about us.

Here are 6 body language tips to make a lasting first impression: 


This is everything. Look at yourself in a photo, and you’ll know if it’s good or not.

2. Facial Expressions.

Always smile and use facial expressions to reinforce communication and let others know that you are hearing them loud and clear.

3. Arms.

Never cross them. This is a no-no in the world of business. It makes it seem like you are unapproachable or bored. 

4. Hand Gestures.

While it’s essential to use your hands, don’t have them flying away in the wind like birds. This would be distracting for even a bird.

5. Presence.

The best way to stand is to place your weight on both feet. Don’t lean on anything (99% of our presence is lost when we lean).

6. Handshakes.

Never greet someone with a handshake across the table. However, the exception is when you’re meeting someone and you’re both seated.

All in all, when you change your body language, you can positively change the outcome of any social situation!

Charlotte Shultz on her wedding day standing tall. I always admired her posture.

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