The Covid Chronicles: 19 Ways Life Has Changed Since Covid-19 | Golden Rules Gal

Aug, 31, 2020

1. Flexibility: Our new world will require flexibility.  It’s not the time to make judgement calls about the behavior of others.  Focus on your own behavior, which is what counts.

2. Schools and Workplace: Both have implemented tele-schooling and tele-working.

3. Grocery Shopping: New guidelines:  from one-way aisles to employees disinfecting carts, and the obvious of keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask.

4. Greetings: They are now touchless and shrouded by masks, which makes interpersonal communication tough.  Navigate your life that will result in harm-reduction, not harm.

5. Mental Health: The Pandemic of 2020 has led to many strong emotions:  fear, anxiety and worry – all normal human emotions.  Add a three month homestay to the mix and the stress can morph into depression, especially since we have little control over the virus.

6. Economy: Many small businesses stay shuttered because we want to stay safe, but how they will recover? 

7. Voting: Primaries have been postponed, candidate events have been halted due to crowd control, and now there’s momentum in California to vote by mail.

8. Travel: Your mask is your travel passport.  Never leave home without out and don’t take it off in-flight.  While airlines are sanitizing on-board, protect yourself with your own airplane kit: alcohol wipes, gloves and extra masks. 

9. Dining: Look for visual clues that the restaurant is taking precautions.  Anytime we can limit hand contact is a win-win.  Dine al fresco when possible and don’t be surprised if patrons bring their own wine glasses or flatware.

10. Health Clubs: Classes and weight training will be reservation based with a reduction of 50%.  Online classes will continue and outdoor classes will be added.

11. Hotels: Think mobile check in; no valet or luggage service; Covid screening upon entry and lighter in-room amenities such as pillows or magazines. 

12. Self-Serve: Say goodbye to self-serve anything.  No condiments will be on the table, but ask and you shall receive.

13. Social Distancing: Social gatherings will look smaller in order to meet the six foot distance requirements.  Upside?  Less people will mean less wait time at the market, public restrooms or movie theaters etc.

14. Masks: Masks are the new wardrobe staple, so don’t be a violator or claim to have a ‘get out of mask free card.’  It doesn’t exist unless you are under two years of age or you’re someone who has trouble breathing. A mask is worn to protect yourself and others.  There’s been a lot of talk about civil liberties and masks.  We all have the right to choose to wear a mask or not, but we don’t have a right to expose or infect others.

15. Summer Travel: It’s happening in the form of road trips, not plane travel.  Staying close to home (or just staying home) is the new vacation.

16. Small Businesses: We’ve been shopping online since March but will that change? We can find most everything online, which has been hard on the small business. At the same time, we’ve learned to do without a lot less because we haven’t been able to go anywhere.

17. Religious Institutions: Once churches open, what will come of wine and wafers? Covid-19 is bound to alter communion rituals.

18. Social Bubbling: Many experts agree this is a good way to emerge from the lockdown.  But the goal is not to put others in harm’s way;  start small, say four in total, and keep in mind there’s always risk in numbers outside of your household.

19. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Manners: The goal of good manners, Covid or no Covid, is to always make others feel comfortable no matter the situation.  We are still very much in the dark about the virus, but this we know for sure:  that wearing a mask, washing your hands, and practicing social distance will help keep us safe.


Entertaining:  Let your guests know you are keeping them safe.  Wear disposable gloves to prepare food.

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