The Etiquette of Gifting Perfume | Golden Rules Gal

May, 24, 2022

Perfume has many powers, and because everybody has unique tastes, you may want to find out ahead of time if this is the right gift for the right person. In other words, it’s not always appropriate to gift a fragrance. I have been wearing Halston since I was 16 years old, but no one ever bought it for me. It’s my taste and mine alone.

The Etiquette of Gifting Perfume

Play it safe. Instead of perfume, lotions are always good options.

Test it out. You’re in Paris, and you want to buy a set for someone special. Great idea but you might want to test it out on them ahead of time.

Provide options. If you’re uncertain about making a choice for people you’re close to, try giving a scent library (an inspiring selection of ten fragrances), or give your recipient the chance to sample an inviting range of five fragrances with a his/ her gift set.  The perfect equal opportunity gift!

Gift a consultation instead. For an individual and nuanced approach to fragrance, purchase a gift voucher for an appointment online.  This way they choose their own fragrance.

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