10 Workplace Etiquette Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Jan, 04, 2022
1. Be on time for meetings.

If not, it says that your time is more important than everyone else’s.

2. Keep your desk tidy.

Your office is a place of business, and you might have visitors unannounced.

3. Ladies, when seated, don’t cross your legs.

Instead, cross at the ankle, please.

4. Make others feel welcomed.

Always be the first to introduce yourself and introduce new coworkers to other coworkers to make them feel comfortable.

5. Never borrow personal items from someone else’s workspace. 

Always ask first if you need supplies.

6. Never eat at your desk.

That’s why there’s a kitchen where all the smells can linger.

7. Never walk into someone’s office without knocking first.

When the door is closed, it generally means that someone is busy.

8. No cell phone zone.

Always turn off your cell phone during meetings or if your desk is out in the open.

9. Self-Introduction.

Always use your first and last name when introducing yourself.

10. When you send emails, make them short and to the point.

If someone has to print your message, it’s too long.

At my desk with my favorite etiquette books.

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