Thank You Note Etiquette | Golden Rules Gal

Dec, 27, 2021

A thank you note is always in Vogue, and if you have a stationery wardrobe, you’re way ahead of the game. We live in a world of shortcuts which is why we tend to gravitate to a handwritten letter in a pile of mail. 

What should you write in a thank you note?

When writing a thank you note, always mention something about the gift or event so the giver will feel special. Remember the 3B’s: be brief, be organized, and be neat! Writing a thank you note is essential and the simplest thing in the world. All it takes is a few lines of thanks, nice penmanship, and a stamp.

Is a thank you text or email sufficient?

Who isn’t addicted to technology, especially in this age? I would never dream of hitting send on a keyboard without also mailing a note.  A thankful person will always call or email the next day and follow up with a handwritten note.

How long after your event/gift should you send a thank you note? 

The golden rule for thank you notes is that it’s never too late to send one, even past the 48-hour mark. However, when it comes to saying thanks, don’t be at a loss for words. Handwritten anything makes a lasting impression, and the last thing you want is to be a ‘social disgrace.’

Pieces from my business stationery wardrobe.

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