13 Tips on Ordering Food Abroad | Golden Rules Gal

Sep, 13, 2022
  1. Plan a location ahead of time.
  2. Find a restaurant where there are pictures on the menu.
  3. Learn basic phrases such as, “What is the house special?”
  4. Research local dishes.
  5. Google the place you’re eating and figure out what you want before you arrive.
  6. Eat at touristy spots where they’re used to Americans.
  7. Use hand gestures.
  8. If the menu is not in English, do your best to communicate with sign language.
  9. Try dining in your hotel – always a safe bet.
  10. Ask the hotel concierge.
  11. Try self-service – cost-effective.
  12. If all else fails, go to a nearby McDonald’s.
  13. Ask your travel guide for help.

Great wurst in Germany!

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