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Mar, 12, 2024

Did you ever wish you could have lived in another era to see how communication would have been received? I’ve been thinking about writing this post ever since my husband and I traveled on the Orient Express. There was a guest during cocktails who was appalled at the dress of another younger woman. She shot us both a look of disgust then said simply, ‘Scandalous.’ We giggled about that moment the entire trip and I even wrote about it here.


That woman was from another generation, a generation where people were more respectful and polite. Nowadays, no topic seems to be off limits except the outrageous ones. If it’s not taboo, forbidden, shameful, offensive, or unspeakable why bring it up?


Consider these responses when the unmentionables come up such as politics, drugs, suicide, mental illness, religion, guns, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable:

  • Smile.

Smile and nod to the affirmative. We call this agreeing to disagree.

  • Don’t Make the Situation Awkward.

Call the person out and ask, “Are you OK talking about this?” And, always present yourself as good company.

  • Listen.

Who knows what you might learn from someone else’s opinion? It never hurts to just listen.

  • Move On.

If you’ve had enough, change the subject.


Distasteful Topics


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