As the World Turns, It’s Not All About You | Golden Rules Gal

Apr, 09, 2024

As the World Turns, It’s Not All About You | Golden Rules Gal


Read on if you know someone who constantly makes everything about themselves. It’s not unusual to know someone who’s self-centered, but when they have little consideration for others, it’s a sure sign of narcissism.


How to recognize the signs? Try these 9 on for size, and then imagine a world of complete empathy:

1. One-Sided Conversations.

It’s all about monopoly, and I’m not referring to the board game.


2. Reciprocation.


If it doesn’t exist, then it means that you are the only one putting energy into the relationship.

3. Lack of Perspective.


Conversations are often one-sided, as in they only see theirs. Further, they become upset when you don’t see things their way.

4. Rules Don’t Apply.


Rules apply to all of us; my way or highway approach to life is untenable.

5. Inconsiderate.


Life is usually on their terms; they don’t consider anyone’s perspective but their own.

6. Controlling.


It’s their way of doing things or no way.

7. Feedback is Non-existent.


God forbid you disagree with them. What’s next? Defensive behavior.

8. It’s All About Me.


I, me, mine. Who are you again?

9. Needs to Be the Center of Attention.


The spotlight is of utter importance.


My Mother’s Favorite Soap Opera.


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