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May, 31, 2022
1. Evites.

This is the choice of the new generation, and they make sense when you need to reach a lot of people. Plus, the number of designs is infinite.

2. Invitations.

Because they come in many shapes and forms, the world is your oyster to be creative, thematic, and just have fun.

3. Letters.

Handwritten or typed notes are lovely. Don’t forget them, especially in this E-age.

4. Menu Cards.

These can be handwritten, typed and printed, but either way, it’s fun to have menu cards to let people know what to expect by course versus giving a verbal announcement. Some people even put it on a chalkboard like a restaurant or create a porcelain menu card for all to view.

5. Place Cards.

Place cards not only look pretty, but they tell a person where they are supposed to sit—a must, especially for large groups of people.

6. Stationery.

If you don’t have your own stationery, now is the time. It doesn’t have to be monogrammed, but it’s a nice touch, and now there are so many places where you can customize it affordably. Either way, it’s a good habit to get into. If you have stationery, you can write notes of all kinds (Holiday, birthday, luncheon, dinner party, or just because!)

7. Thank-You Notes.

Send them within 48 hours so the message is not forgotten. Think of all the times someone went to the trouble to buy you a gift or host a lunch; it’s worth the three lines or three minutes that it will take you to write it.

My ‘G’ note pad came in handy for a Year of the Rabbit party.

P.S. I was born in the year of the rabbit, and I’m most happy when I am creating.

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